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    Benazir’s entry support program (BISP) undertakes to safeguard the financial rights of its beneficiaries. Recent developments have shown that unauthorized money deductions were occurring, which caused anguish to those who trusted Bisp for their support. In this blog post, we will discuss the rapid and decisive actions of BISP against money deductions, including the resolution of complaints, arrests, and measures to guarantee transparency and responsibility.

    Strict BISP action against illegal deduction in the Bisp New payment

    BISP Recovering The Beneficiaries Money

    Within the BISP system, illegal money deductions became a significant problem. The beneficiaries said that the deductions from their assigned cash caused them financial problems. To quickly address these reports, Bisp began a complete consultation.

    Immediate Resolution of Complaints

    Benazir income support quickly handled a large number of complaints in a powerful sample of reliability. About RS. 1.1 million has been recovered as a result of 819 complaints that were resolved in the last 48 hours. This message responds to the dedication of Benazir income support to ensure that beneficiaries receive all the benefits to which they are legally entitled.

    Strict BISP action against illegal deduction

    Taking Action Against Responsible Agents

    Benazir income support made a firm decision to ensure that people in charge of unauthorized deductions suffer sanctions. The agents responsible for the deductions were the topic of 13 first information reports (FIRS). In addition, seven of these agents were captured. These steps make it quite clear that Bisp is firm in its responsibility and openness objectives.

    Establishing A Direct Channel for Complaints

    BISP provided a special telephone line (051-9246421) because it was difficult to give the beneficiaries easy access to communication. The beneficiaries can contact Benazir income support directly through this route with questions, problems and complaints. It guarantees that the voices of the beneficiaries are heard and that quick measures are taken.

    BISP Recovering The Beneficiaries Money

    Evaluation and responsibility for performance

    Bisp’s regional and zonal bosses were informed that dealing with complaints is a measured element that analyzes their performance. The organization promotes its workers to handle complaints and ensure that the rights of beneficiaries are safeguarded, which are important factors in their work as part of their duty of responsibility.

    Beneficiaries help with dedication.

    The BISP dedicated himself to a friendly strategy for the beneficiary throughout this process. The organization is aware that their support is essential for the ability of recipients to keep themselves. The actions taken are evidence of the dedication of Bisp to maintain their rights and ensure that they obtain the support they are owed.

    Strengthen responsibility measures.

    Together with the overcoming of illegal deductions, Benazir income support continually improves the clarity of their controls. These efforts include stronger control over agents, monitoring of improved payments, and planned steps to stop the prohibited deductions in the future.


    Firm measures taken by 8171 bisp to avoid unauthorized cash deductions show that it is dedicated to the well-being of the beneficiaries. The rapid action of the organization, together with arrests and FIR, work as a discouragement for any unauthorized action that takes place within its framework. The BISP guarantees that the problems of the beneficiaries are heard immediately, improving their openness and responsibility. This is done through a dedicated telephone line and virtual commitments (e-kacheri).

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