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    BISP Tracking System Online 2023

    BISP Tracking System Online allows individuals registered in the Benazir Income Support Program to monitor their eligibility. By utilizing BISP tracking, eligible citizens can stay informed about their participation in the Ehsaas program, which aims to assist those who are impoverished.

    If you consider yourself to be among these individuals who are both financially disadvantaged and deserving, you can verify your eligibility for the Benazir Income Support Program using a BISP card. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the tasks related to your participation. To facilitate participation and payments within the BISP program, the government of Pakistan has introduced the 8171 portal.

    This platform enables beneficiaries to track their monthly payments by simply entering their identity card number and accessing their details through a BISP card. Once you have registered your information on the portal, it is sent to the Benazir Income Support Program office where it is assessed to determine your eligibility.

    Following the verification process, you will be notified whether or not you qualify for the program. The BISP program has been established by the Pakistani government to enhance the regular payment and administrative procedures for beneficiaries.

    It is designed specifically for individuals who are poor and deserving, and efforts are continuously made to gather data on economically disadvantaged individuals and evaluate their eligibility for the program. Monitoring the transfer of payments is a crucial aspect of the program to ensure that funds are disbursed solely to those who truly deserve them.

    BISP Tracking System Track Payment Online

    BISP Eligibility Criteria

    • Low-income families
    • Unemployed persons
    • All members of the family are required to possess a national ID card.
    • Apart from this, widowed and divorced women can also join this program
    • Individuals with disabilities, including physical disabilities and mental illnesses, are also eligible to participate in the Benazir Income Support Program.

    BISP Registration

    • The initial step towards registering in the Benazir Income Support Program involves identifying households that fall below the poverty line.
    • This determination is made through the NSPR survey, a widely used method.
    • The key factor that ensures eligibility for receiving financial support is belonging to a low-income family.
    • To initiate the application process for BISP, individuals can visit the nearest BISP aid office and apply for registration.
    • Applications are then submitted on behalf of the impoverished families and subsequently processed.
    • Once the provided information is verified, an SMS notification is sent to the applicant’s registered phone number, indicating whether they have qualified for the program.
    • Once enrolled in the BISP program, beneficiaries receive monthly payments and are issued a BISP card after some time.
    • This card allows them to withdraw money from ATMs on a monthly basis.
    • When it comes to cash transfer, individuals have the option to choose either the Dam Fund or register a shop through the Benazir Income Support Program.
    BISP Tracking System,BISP,8171

    Once you have successfully registered for the program, you have the option to verify your eligibility. Checking your eligibility is a simple and straightforward process, which can be done in two ways. You can either request us to check your eligibility on your behalf, or you can personally check it by sending a message to 8171. If you choose the latter option, we will provide you with the necessary instructions on how to proceed. Additionally, if you are interested in registering for the program, we will guide you through the registration process as well.

    BISP 8171

    The Benazir Income Support Program provides an alternative method for individuals who may have limited literacy skills or lack internet access to easily check their eligibility. They have introduced a convenient code that can be utilized with their National Identity Card.

    • By following a simple process, you can verify your eligibility by sending your National Identity Card number via SMS.
    • Open your mobile message inbox and send your National Identity Card number to the designated number, 8171.
    • Once the information is verified, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile device, providing you with the necessary details regarding your eligibility.
    • This approach ensures that individuals who face challenges in accessing online resources can still conveniently determine their eligibility for the program.
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