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    NSER Survey Online Registration,BISP New Update 2023

    NSER Survey Online Registration

    NSER Survey Online Registration: Registration in NSER has resumed in which after completing the registration you will be entitled to get the monthly amount of Rs.12 thousand provided by the Benazir Income Support Program.

    If you have not yet applied for the Benazir Income Support Program, then we will provide you with a very easy way to apply for the Benazir Income Support Program.

    So that you can complete your registration in the Benazir Income Support Program and receive the amount received by it.

    Survey Eligibility Status:

    There are two ways to check your eligibility in NSER, you can check your eligibility by following any of the two methods.

    Through online portal:

    • If you want to check your eligibility online, open Google Chrome from your mobile.
    • Then search for 8171.
    • Open the first website.
    • After opening, you will see the option to enter ID card number in front.
    • After entering the ID card number, enter the code shown in the picture in the box next to it.
    • And press the find button.
    • Within a few seconds you will be informed about your eligibility

    Through SMS:

    • To check your eligibility from mobile, write your ID card number from mobile and send SMS to 8171.
    • Write the ID card number without spaces and Dashes.
    • Before sending an SMS, make sure that the number from which the SMS is being sent is registered in your name.
    NSER Survey Online Registration

    NSER Survey Online Registration Check

    The survey of Benazir Income Support Program has been started again. People who were previously disqualified for this program can reapply for this program and join this program. Women whose husbands have passed away can apply for this program and can easily get the financial support provided by it.

    Earlier online registration was done by Benazir Income Support Program. But now to join the Benazir Income Support Program you have to get verified with the help of NSER. After being confirmed, you will be added to the program. The complete procedure is given below.

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    NSER Registration Process for BISP

    In order to join Benazir Income Support Program you need to get verified by NSER which you can get verified by following the complete procedure mentioned below. After entering the Benazir Registration Center, the registration process is as follows:

    • If you have not completed the survey before, you will be issued a new survey token.
    • After receiving the token, go to the data entry counter and verify yourself.
    • After coming to the data entry counter, provide the data entry officer with your identity card, identity card of all your family members and child’s bay form.
    • Please note that all ID cards should be updated in NADRA records.
    • Provide information about education, health, assets, etc. of all members of your family at the registration counter when asked by the Data Entry Officer.
    • Answer honestly all the questions asked by the Data Entry Officer to complete your registration process.
    • Take special care to provide your current and activation number while providing your data to the Data Entry Officer.

    After NSER Survey:

    After completion of survey, the following are next steps:

    • You will receive confirmation SMS from 8171 on your given Mobile Number.
    • If you pass the survey conducted by NSER, you may also receive a letter of eligibility in Benazir Kafalat program.
    • You may check your eligibility status online on
    • Alternatively, you can also visit nearest BISP Tehsil Office/BRC to know about your eligibility status.

    NSER Survey

    BISP established the NSER Socioeconomic Registry in 2011. NSER is a data repository containing information on the socioeconomic status of all HHS households that participated in the 2010 data collection exercise. For the first time, data was collected on 27 million from HHS visiting the doors of every home in the country. A platform to work as we provide BISP and other social security programs have been using this data for the last ten years.

    Also in 2016, BISP decided to update the 2011 NSER survey structure design and questionnaire to improve the targeting efficiency of BISP and other programs using the registry. The updated registry for NSER was intended to analyze existing beneficiaries, enroll beneficiaries in the program, verify them, and serve as a platform for other social security programs from 2019 to 2021.

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    Important data collected in the field BISP has completed the NSPR through which data has been collected from 35 million households under which all eligible households can now take advantage of the benefits. participating in the program.


    Even today, BISP has the largest socio-economic database of all households in Pakistan from CAPI-based NSER surveys of scientifically designed computerized personal interviews. The main objective of NSER was to go from house to house to find out the capacity of the people and in what conditions they are living. So that they can then also be eligible for ISP, still ISPP and the Ehsaas NSER program qualify and disqualify people according to the same data.

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