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    8171 Web Portal

    8171 Web Portal New Payment Update

    If you want to receive your payment through the 8171 web portal program, then this article will provide you with a complete explanation of how you can register within this program and receive your payment. The main objective of making this program is to eradicate poverty among the poor people in Pakistan.

    Financial assistance will be provided to all such people who have fallen victim to poverty and lost their jobs due to natural calamities by making them a part of this program. In addition to such persons, pregnant women and widows will also be included in this program along with people over 60 years of age will also be a part of this program.

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    Wheelchairs will be provided to persons with disabilities. In order to receive financial assistance through this program, certain steps have to be fulfilled which are listed below.

    • Visit the 8171 office in your local area to initiate the process.
    • Collect an Ehsaas web portal form from the office.
    • Fill out the form, providing your household’s CNIC and all required information.
    • Submit the completed form to the Tehsil Office representative.
    • After verification and approval, you will be enrolled in the program.
    • Once deemed eligible, you can withdraw the financial aid amount from any HBL branch in your vicinity.
    8171 Web Portal New Payment Update

    8171 Web Portal Nadra Gov PK

    If you are willing to register yourself in 8171 web portal program through NADRA then this procedure is being explained to you with complete explanation by following which you can register yourself with the help of NADRA very easily. And will be able to get financial assistance because many people are still declared ineligible.

    They are not being made a part of any other aid program and therefore they are unable to get financial aid. So don’t worry this time it has been introduced by the government with the help of which every deserving person can complete their registration and get their assistance money. If you also want to do your registration in the program in this way

    To begin the registration process, please follow these steps:

    • Visit your local NADRA office and request a portal form from a NADRA representative.
    • Fill out the portal form with your complete household CNIC, your name, and your phone number. Ensure that all information is accurately provided.
    • Return the completed form to the NADRA representative.
    • Within 24 hours, you will receive a verification SMS on your mobile number. The message will read: Congratulations, you have been added to the program.
    • Once verified, you can visit any Ehsaas center in your local area to receive your grant amount.

    After completing these steps you can easily register yourself in this program.

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    8171 Web Portal Status Check

    To check your aid amount through the web portal program, follow these steps. Send your CNIC to 8171. You will be redirected to the program’s portal to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will receive a confirmation SMS with congratulations in two different ways.

    8171 Web Portal Status Check

    Upon confirmation of your eligibility for this program, you will receive a notification stating, “You are eligible for this program.” If, however, you are initially found ineligible, you can retry by sending your CNIC again after 24 hours. Once added to the program, you will also qualify for financial assistance. To access your aid amount, simply visit any ALFALAH ATM in your area and initiate the withdrawal process.

    Eligibility Criteria of 8171 Web Portal 

    To determine your eligibility for this program, it’s essential to meet the specified criteria. The Ehsaas program is designed to assist individuals who are both economically disadvantaged and deserving. Here are the criteria for eligibility:

    • Economic Need: The program is primarily intended for individuals who are financially struggling and deserving of assistance.
    • Age Requirement: Individuals who are aged 60 years or older are eligible for this program.
    • Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are included in the program and will receive financial assistance.
    • Widows: Widows are also eligible to benefit from this program.
    • Property Ownership: Individuals owning more than two acres of property will not meet the eligibility criteria for this program.
    • Travel Abroad: Those who have traveled abroad previously will not be considered eligible for this program.

    By ensuring that you meet these criteria, you can determine your eligibility and access the support provided by the Ehsaas program.

    Required Documents

    To be eligible for this program, certain requirements must be met. It’s important to note that failing to meet these requirements will result in disqualification from consideration for this program.

    Here are the requirements for eligibility:

    • General Eligibility: All applicants must possess a valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).
    • Women Applicants: If you are a woman, in addition to your CNIC, you need to provide a copy of your passport-sized photograph.
    • Disabled Individuals: If you are a disabled person, you are required to present a valid disabled person’s certificate.
    • Widows: Widows are eligible to participate in this program. However, they need to provide their widowhood certificate as part of the eligibility verification process.

    By ensuring you fulfill these requirements, you can determine your eligibility for the program. It’s essential to have the necessary documents to prove your eligibility status accurately.

    Contact Information

    Telephone number0800-26477, 051-9246326
    AddressBenazir Income Support Scheme, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
    Official BISP
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