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    Onic Sim Price and Packages In Pakistan 2023

    Onic Sim Card Packages, Price, & Code in Pakistan

    Onic SIM card has recently been launched in Pakistan. This telecommunication company makes a big claim of offering high speed support as well as various features which could prove to be a huge game changer in the country. Due to inflation, the prices of packages of telecommunication companies are touching the sky. But due to this new telecommunication company, the possibility of maintaining the prices has come forward.

    Looking at the fast support, this telecommunication company is being welcomed by the people of Pakistan with raised hands and it is becoming popular in the whole country. Will provide the best service due to the recent inflation in the country and after the skyrocketing prices of the packages of other telecommunication companies, this new company seems to be quite popular.

    People have also begun transitioning to the new telecommunications provider, enticed by the reduced rates offered for calls, SMS, and internet packages.

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    Onic Sim Price 2023

    The new entrant in the market is offering the SIM card at a price of Rs 100, while certain retailers are selling it for Rs 150. Currently delivering in only Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad & Rawalpindi.

    Here are the Onic SIM card prices for all tiers.

    NetworkOnic SIM
    Standard NumberFree
    GoldenRs. 4,500
    PurpleRs. 600
    PlatinumRs. 22,500

    How to buy Onic SIM in Pakistan

    Here’s how you can purchase an Onic SIM in Pakistan:

    • Visit the official Onic website at and select “Order Now.”
    • Choose the specific SIM card variant you wish to purchase from the available options.
    • Input your personal information as required.
    • Opt for your preferred delivery method. You can either collect the SIM card in person from a nearby store or have it delivered to your address.
    • Proceed to the payment section and select your preferred payment method, such as credit or debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, and more, to complete the payment for the SIM.
    • To activate the Onic SIM, visit an authorized retailer. They will assist you in selecting an appropriate package plan and will require a valid ID proof for activation.
    Onic Sim Price and Packages

    Onic Sim code in Pakistan

    The serial numbers of Onic Sim starts with 0339.

    Onic Packages in Pakistan


    • 30GB in Rs. 890
    • Unlimited All network mins (FUP 5000 mins)
    • 5,000 SMS
    • 30 Day Validity


    • 100GB in Rs. 1290
    • Unlimited All network mins (FUP 5000 mins)
    • 10,000 SMS
    • 30 Day Validity


    • 200GB in Rs. 1990
    • Unlimited All network mins (FUP 5000 mins)
    • 10,000 SMS
    • 30 Day Validity

    Onic SIM Types in Pakistan

    Varieties of Onic SIM Cards in Pakistan Onic presents a range of four distinct SIM card types, each tailored to diverse requirements.

    • Standard Number: Onic offers the standard SIM card at no cost when you select one of their data plans.
    • Golden Number: For those in search of memorable digits, the Golden Number option is accessible at a rate of Rs 4,500. These numbers are carefully crafted for easy remembrance and are in high demand.
    • Purple Number: Priced at Rs 600, the Purple Number strikes a harmonious balance between memorability and simplicity, making it an appealing choice for users.
    • Platinum Number: With its exceptional offering, the Platinum Number is awaiting its designated price from the company, promising a unique and exclusive selection.

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