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    Good News BISP New Update For Males  Benazir Kafalat 8500 NSER Token

    New Update For Males | Benazir Kafalat 8500

    Benazir Kafalat 8500 | NSER Token: Assalam Alaikum viewers, I welcome you because before all the aid programs we have informed you about, the majority of them were aid programs for women, but we are not aware of the aid programs issued for men. Going to talk about the program and will tell you which assistance program has been issued for men. And how can you complete your registration within this program. And also regarding women, you will be updated that women who have done their dynamics survey some time ago or have done their new registration and were issued a registration or survey token, what should they do now? then they proceed to the details of all these information.

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    Benazir Kafalat 8500 | NSER Token

    First of all we are going to update you on women who have been five or six months and had done their dynamics survey or done their new registration and they have tokens as well. Which are given after conducting the NSER survey, why have such women not received the money yet, how long will they get it? The most important point here is that when you do your first registration or do your dynamic survey. If so, after that you have to wait for six months, because any time in six months such women may receive a message from 8171 that they have become a part of this kafalat program.

    Benazir Kafalat 8500 NSER Token

    And when you get the message and then your aid is released, the good news for those women who still have tokens and it’s been almost six months is that step by step all such women Eligibility status of those who have passed six months is being updated, so from now you can check all your details using the 8171 web portal to see if you are eligible or not.

    Also, if you are confirmed that six months have passed since your registration or survey, then immediately take your ID card issued by NADRA and go to your nearest BISP payment centers or agents and there. Get your account checked from because there are many women who have completed six months of dynamic survey and their first installment of Rs.8500 has been released.

    BISP New Update For Males | NSER Survey

    Well, now let’s talk about a different type of program. You must have heard and seen in different places on social media that the Benazir Income Support Program for men has made a new program. So, this is an example. That if we check the status of any male using At One Seven web portal we see that please complete your survey from your nearest Benazir Income Support Program tehsil office then it means that It happened that men are also being surveyed. Latest News Regarding BISP Payment 8500

    But understand one more thing here that before this update, when male ID card was checked on 8171 web portal there is no record and it is also told that this survey is being done only for women and This program is for married women, but now it is being told at the same place that men can also get their survey done. Go to the nearest office and get your survey done.

    BISP New Update For Males NSER Survey

    You have to think a little to understand this, if you don’t think, you will only understand that this information is also wrong. So, before that, it used to be that only women were surveyed because the Kafalat program is for women, so only women were allowed to do the survey. But now the system which has been updated has also been added that now such men who are married can also get their survey done. Provided that they have not been registered in BISP before. Then those men can also go and get their survey done. It is not the case that men whose families have already been registered or surveyed in BISP will also get the survey done again. It is not happening. .

    Let me tell you in simple words that such women who have not completed their dynamic survey, now their husbands can register their family after completing their dynamic survey, but remember that after completing the registration, the assistance money is only And only women will be provided. It will not happen at all that if the dynamics survey is completed by the men, then the aid money will also be given to the men.

    NSER NSER survey registration process process

    Here are two easy ways to complete the NSER survey registration process to join the Benazir Income Support Program by following which you can complete your registration in any way.

    NSER survey registration process Online:

    1. If you want to be a part of Benazir Income Support Program, it is very important that you belong to the poor and deserving category. It is important that you live below the poverty line.
    2. Website: Go to the official Ehsaas website:
    3. Registration portal: Find and click on the NSER registration portal.
    4. CNIC number: Enter your CNIC number and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.
    5. Phone number: Double check that the number you have provided is correct and registered in your own name.
    6. Household information: After that enter all the requested information including your family members your monthly income education and other information.

    NSER survey registration process Offline:

    • Ehsaas facilitation center: Visit your nearest bisp tehsil office. You can find a list of bisp tehsil offices from given link BISP Tehsil Offices Updated List 2023.
    • NSER registration form: Request and fill out the NSER registration form provided by the center.
    • CNIC and documents: Bring your original CNIC and any other required documents as instructed by the center staff.
    • Data collector: A BISP data collector will verify your information and complete the registration process.

    Additional points:

    • The NSER survey is ongoing, so registration periods may vary.
    • Check the Ehsaas website or call 8171 for the latest updates.
    • Keep your CNIC and other documents available during the registration process.
    • Be sure to provide accurate information to avoid delays or complications.
    • You can check your NSER registration status or update information online by logging into the portal with your CNIC number.

    For more help, you can also contact the Ehsaas helpline at 8171 or visit the official website of BISP.

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