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    Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program Announced By GovtEhsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program Announced By Govt

    Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program:

    Looking at the rising inflation and poverty in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan started a program for the welfare of the poor and deserving people, which is called the Ehsaas Rashaan Program. The purpose of this program is to provide free rashan to the people suffering from poverty due to rising inflation in Pakistan, as well as subsidies on the purchase of daily-use items. So that all such people can be provided with cash financial assistance as well as subsidy on the purchase of a daily use ration.

    Let us tell you that the registration process within the ration program has been restarted, and now some changes have been made within the rashan program. This time, the subsidy received on the purchase of ration has been increased to Rs. 4500, so that people can be blessed with two meals a day in this era of inflation.

    Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program Announced By Govt:

    The government of Pakistan has launched a new assistance program for those who are experiencing poverty in light of the rising inflation across the nation. This relief program launched by the government has been named the Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program. Under this program, the poor and deserving people will be registered and provided a special discount on the purchase of rashan so that they can get a special discount on the purchase of daily food items like rice, ghee, sugar oil, etc.

    Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program

    Program Overview:

    • Name: Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program
    • Target beneficiaries: Low-income families
    • Subsidy amount: PKR 4500 per month
    • Duration: Not yet announced
    • Registration process: Online and through designated centers


    • Within this program, all such families whose monthly income is less than 30 thousand rupees can complete their registration.
    • To complete the registration in this program, you must have a Pakistani national identity card.
    • Remember that only one family member can complete their registration within this program.
    • Remember that the applicant must be a resident of Pakistan.
    • Apart from this, it is very important to complete your NSER survey.


    • Through this program, millions of poor and deserving families in Pakistan will be blessed with two meals a day.
    • Through this program, people belonging to the poor class will also have access to purchasing good-quality products.
    • Through this program, the increasing rate of poverty can be further reduced.

    Current Status:

    • While the program has been officially announced, the exact date of implementation and the opening of registrations will be announced soon.
    • More details on the program’s specific features and benefits are expected in the coming days.


    • The Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program is expected to provide much-needed relief to low-income families struggling with rising food and energy prices.
    • The program is also expected to stimulate the economy by increasing consumption and demand.

    Complete procedure for getting registered

    • First, open the SMS application on your mobile.
    • After that, type a new SMS and enter your ID card number.
    • After entering the ID card number, send this SMS to 5566.
    • A few moments after sending the message, you will receive a confirmation message.
    • If you are eligible within this confirmation message, you can avail of this program.

    All these people, whether they are male or female, and if their PMT score is 37 or less than 37, must register in this application as quickly as possible with the help of their ID card.

    How to get free Rashan by joining the program

    If you are eligible under the Ehsaas Rashaan 4500 Subsidy Program from the government, you can go to any utility store near you and get a subsidy of up to Rs. 4500 per month on the purchase of ration. Carry your National Identity Card with you at the time of collection, through which the representative at the utility store will provide subsidy on the purchase of rations after checking your eligibility.

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