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    Ehsaas Program App

    Ehsaas Program App 2023 Online Registration

    Ehsaas Program App: The Pakistani government has begun enrolling individuals in the Ahsaas program, which aims to assist impoverished and deserving families. They are implementing several strategies to aid these families and promote prosperity throughout the country. As part of these efforts, door-to-door surveys have been conducted to identify and gather data on poor and deserving families.

    People have been registering for the Ehsaas program after completing these surveys. Additionally, the government has launched an Ehsaas portal to facilitate registrations, resulting in numerous individuals signing up and receiving financial support from the Pakistani government.

    How To Download Ehsaas Program Application

    To download the Ehsaas program application, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the Play Store on your mobile device.
    2. Search for the Ehsaas program app in the search bar.
    3. Once the app appears, tap on it to open.
    4. Download the application.
    5. Install the application on your mobile device.
    6. After installation, open the mobile application.
    7. You can now use the Ehsaas program application.
    8. You can also register your information in the Ehsaas program through the app.

    How To Use Ehsaas App

    After downloading the Ehsaas program mobile application, using it is simple. If you wish to register through the app and check your eligibility, as well as track your payment history, follow these steps:

    1. Open the downloaded mobile application.
    2. Click on the “Sign Up” button.
    3. Provide your name and enter your mobile phone number.
    4. You will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on your mobile number.
    5. Enter the OTP to verify your phone.
    6. Proceed to complete the installation of the mobile application.
    7. Enter all the necessary information required to join the Ehsaas program.
    8. Submit your application, which will be forwarded to the Ehsaas program office.
    9. Ensure that you provide accurate contact information to enable easy communication.

    Please note that it is important to provide all the required information accurately so that you can be contacted promptly.

    Benefits Of Ehsaas App

    Once you have downloaded the Ehsaas app application, you gain access to a wealth of information and benefits. Here are some of the advantages offered by the Ehsaas program application:

    1. Check Socio-Economic Status: The application allows you to check your socio-economic status as determined by the Ehsaas program.
    2. Access Government Programs: You can explore and join various government programs in Pakistan through this application.
    3. Convenient Information Access: The Ehsaas program application enables you to access all your information from the comfort of your home or office.
    4. Application and Eligibility: You can apply for programs and learn about your eligibility status using the application.
    5. Update Information: You have the option to update your information through the mobile application.
    6. Re-registration: If needed, you can register yourself again through the application.
    7. Complaint Registration: You can register any complaints you may have through the mobile application.

    By utilizing the Ehsaas program application, you can conveniently access these features and avail yourself of the benefits provided by the program.

    Check your eligibility in Ehsaas program

    There are two ways to check your eligibility in Ehsaas program

    • In first way check your eligibility through sending your id card number on 8171
    • Alternatively you can check your eligibility by going to the Ehsaas web portal and entering your ID card number as shown in the image below.
    BISP Online Survey Check Eligibility


    How to check eligibility in Ehsaas program through SMS?

    Check your eligibility in Ehsaas program through sending your id card number on 8171.

    How to check eligibility in Ehsaas program Online?

    You can check your eligibility by going to the Ehsaas web portal and entering your ID card number.

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