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    BISP News | BISP New Payment Latest Update 2023

    BISP News

    According to BISP news, it was decided to re-release the quarterly tranche that the BISP program gives to the poor on November 27. If you have completed your registration and are eligible for this program. So this time you will get 9 thousand rupees.

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    Apart from this, if your children are part of Benazir Taleemi Wazaif, you will also receive the educational scholarship amount for your children along with Rs 9,000. You will need biometric data to obtain this amount. After biometric verification, your money will be given to you.

    BISP News BISP New Payment

    BISP Program New Update

    Please remember that this time strict measures have been taken to ensure proper payment distribution. So that the rights of the poor can reach them. And those who are poor and deserving can get financial assistance on time. The Government of Pakistan has decided to release the quarterly payment as soon as possible.

    So, those poor people who couldn’t get their children’s education scholarship money in the previous quarterly payment. They will be able to get the money soon. So you can continue your children’s education. And with the amount of 9 thousand rupees you can maintain your house.

    BISP New Payment Check

    Read the full article to learn more and how to apply. And how you can also receive nine thousand rupees after biometric verification. In the new update on November 27, it is reported that ineligible people will also now be eligible. There is good news for you, so register as soon as possible.

    8171 Online Portal for Eligibility Check 

    The BISP program has launched a new portal. 8171 portal online now open with updated version. Now you can also check the status of your registration online. Learn the complete procedure for registration and new eligibility.

    • Firstly, write the CNIC number in the first box of the given portal.
    • After that, immediately type the captcha code that appears in the image.
    • And then press the Know button
    • The eligibility and registration status for your family will show up on your screen in a few seconds.

    Online Registration BISP Card Form

    Another source is that those who have already registered are receiving another message from 8171. After which their survey will be repeated. Because after few new updates now the BISP program has become very strict. And only women who are registered will receive money.

    Online Registration BISP Card Form

    Therefore, have NADRA check your ID card if it is expired and then contact NADRA first. And update your new ID. Then take the form from Nadra, reach Benazir office and register there; You will be declared eligible after registering for the survey.

    How Can Register For the BISP 8171?

    • Take their survey to earn new money in the BISP program
    • The survey method is very simple.
    • Eligible women take their ID and head to Benazir’s office.
    • Take your own dynamic survey
    • Carry your husband’s ID card, your children’s Nadra Bay form and your ID card in the dynamic survey.
    • So that you can be surveyed immediately
    • After the survey, you will be considered eligible.
    • Remember, only after qualifying you will get Rs 9,000 as well as education scholarships for children.

    Required Documents BISP News

    You will need to submit in a few documents to the office when you register. Among them are:

    • Original Identity Card
    • List of FRC forms
    • Monthly income certificate
    • Registered phone number

    Make sure these documents are ready when you go ahead and complete the registration process.


    This program provides money to help people who are having financial difficulties, especially those who are very poor. Their goal is to help them cover their expenses and improve their lives, lifting them out of poverty. This program has made a huge difference in the lives of millions of people.

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