Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
    BISP New Registration latest update 2023-24

    BISP New Registration latest Update

    BISP new registration has been started by Benazir Income Support Program. In a meeting, Federal Minister Ms. Shazia Murri made an important announcement and said that the previous government has given 850,000 eligible women under Benazir Income Support Program. was dismissed from the program on various grounds without giving an opportunity of appeal.

    He said that we have decided to re-incorporate the 850,000 women who were excluded into the program, within which 192,000 women have been re-incorporated into the program. And 95,000 of these women have started receiving assistance money.

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    And those women who have not yet been included in the program will soon be included in the program. It should be remembered that if they were excluded due to not completing the survey, they should go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and complete their NSER survey to become part of the program again.

    BISP New Registration latest update

    NSER Survey

    To become a part of the Benazir Income Support Program, people have to go to the Benazir Income Support Program office and complete the NSER survey. Various information is collected from you within the survey on the basis of which you are qualified or ineligible for the program. Those who have not yet completed their survey can become a part of the Benazir Income Support Program after completing their survey and receive an amount of Rs 9,000.

    NSER Registration Check By CNIC

    After completing the NSPR survey from the BISP office, it is very important to check the eligibility so that you can know whether you are eligible for Benazir Income Support Program or not. You can check your eligibility online. You must remember the ID card number to check the eligibility.

    The procedure for checking is as follows:

    • Open the official website of Benazir Income Support Program from the given link
    • Then enter your ID card number in the ID card number field.
    • Then enter the code shown in the image in its place.
    • And press the green find button below.
    • Immediately after pressing the button, complete details about your eligibility will be displayed in front of you.

    Using this method you can check your eligibility with the help of ID card number.

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