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    Bisp New Dynamic Survey Payment Latest Update 2024

    The Dynamic Survey is a biometric survey that covers all aspects of identifying households that qualify for social assistance programs in Pakistan. It started in January 2023 and took over from the old surveys that happened once in a while. The Dynamic Survey is better and faster than the old surveys. It uses a risk-based approach, which means that households are chosen for the survey based on how likely they are to need assistance.

    This helps to make sure that resources are used wisely and that assistance goes to those who need it most. The survey is done by trained people who go to households in person. The people collect information about the household’s people, money, things, and other factors. This information is then used to decide whether the household can get assistance.

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    Bisp New Payment 10500

    Assalam Alaikum Viewers, we are here to give you the latest and new update of Benazir Income Support Program. We will tell you in today’s post who has got the episode, who will get it, and who will have to wait. received but later they did not get any installment whether it is an installment of 12000 rupees, an installment of 9000 rupees or an installment of 8500 rupees.

    There is a very good news for you and viewers, we will tell you, this time an installment of 10500 rupees will be given to those people who are regular beneficiaries, and the biggest news is coming to you under the Benazir Income Support Program. As people are getting aid, there are surely many people who are poor and deserving but they are not getting aid, they are waiting for our turn to get aid.

    Bisp New Payment 10500

    Bisp New Dynamic Survey Payment

    Viewers, we will tell you all such families who got assistance once from the Benazir Income Support Program but later they got no assistance, then there is a great news for such people, we will tell you in this post that But before that, keep telling yourself. All such families who got the installment of September and October under the Benazir Income Support Program, the installment of all such regular beneficiaries are going to be given very soon.

    There are about 15 lakh such families. If you got a message from 8171, it means that your installment has been sent to your nearest retailer shop or other than HBLATM connect shop. If you can get it, then go ahead and tell the waivers. All the other families will have to wait for a few days. From February 15, the new phase will be started regularly, in which all the regular beneficiaries and through the new dynamic survey.

    Eligible families will be added, so viewers now come to the main topic, those who got one installment and are waiting for the second installment means that in the past they got 9000 or 8500 plus one installment of 12000. The good news is that if you have done dynamic survey and registration means before April 2023, all such families have been chosen to be added in this new tranche which is Rs 10500 by the government. Now you will be given a new installment of Rs 10500 and this will be only for those families who have done their survey or registration before April 2023.

    Bisp New Dynamic Survey Payment

    Benazir Income Support Program Check Account:

    The following are the methods to check your BISP account:


    Go to the BISP official website Click on the “Beneficiary” tab. Choose “Check Payment Status.” Type in your CNIC number and mobile number. You will see the most recent payment status, including the amount received and the date.

    Mobile App:

    Get the “BISP Benazir App” from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Sign up or log in using your CNIC number and mobile number. You will see your payment status, transaction history, and other program information.


    Send an SMS with your CNIC number to 8171. You will get a reply with your most recent payment status.

    Call Center:

    Call the BISP Call Center at 8171 (toll-free). Give your CNIC number and answer the security questions. A representative will help you with checking your account balance and payment status. Additional Information:

    If you haven’t got your payment and it’s been more than a week since the disbursement date, you can contact BISP through the website, app, SMS, or call center. Remember, BISP will never ask for your personal information, such as CNIC number and bank account details, through unsolicited calls or messages. Be careful of scams and only use the official channels mentioned above. For the latest updates and information about the BISP program, visit the official website

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