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    Akhuwat Loan Scheme Online Apply,Akhuwat Loan

    Akhuwat Loan Scheme

    Akhuwat Loan Scheme is a financial program that provides interest-free loans to the poor and deserving people within Pakistan who are willing to take loans to grow their businesses and make their lives easier.

    Akhuwat Loan Scheme provides interest free loans on very easy terms so that the needy poor and deserving people can meet their needs and many people are running their business successfully after taking loan from Akhuwat Loan.

    Apart from business, you can also get loans for your education, health, housing, etc. Akhuwt Loan is based on basic principles that include unity and equality. 8171 Check Online CNIC Latest Method

    Akhuwat Loan Scheme

    Types Of Akhuwat Loan

    Akhuwat Loan is given in two ways; it includes two types of people.

    • Group Landing
    • Individual Landing

    Eligibility Criteria For Akhuwat Loan.

    If you want to get an interest free loan from Akhuwat then you have to fulfill certain conditions which are as follows:

    • You must have a National Identity Card.
    • You should be between 18 years to 62 years old.
    • You must not have any criminal charges against you.
    • You must have two non-family co-signers to avail the loan.
    • You must have a good character in the society around you.
    • Applicants must be economically active.
    • The applicant should be a resident of the operational area of ​​the branch office which may be within a radius of about 2-2.5 km.

    Application Submission Process

    The loan process starts after applying. After applying, the unit manager checks your application to write the eligibility criteria, after which you are given this loan on social security.
    The steps are below:

    A loan seeker has to visit their nearest AIM branch to submit their application along with all their documents. The manager there will then interact with the applicant to find out whether the applicant meets the eligibility criteria or not.

    The application form can be obtained from the branch office which you have to submit after filling and attaching the complete documents after which the application will be processed.

    The following are the details of collaterals that may be applied for loans:

    1. Personal responsibility
    2. Two guarantors
    3. Postdated cheques
    4. Any additional collateral in special case.

    Required Documents for Akhuwat Loan

    To avail the loan you will need to submit the following documents along with the application form:

    Copies Of CNIC

    • Applicant (Mandatory)
    • Guarantors (Mandatory)
    • Family Member (Optional)

    Latest Utility Bills

    • Applicant (Mandatory)

    Latest Photos

    • Applicant (Mandatory)

    Copy of Nikahnama

    • Applicant (Mandatory) (may be waived if not available after verification by other means)

    Akhuwat Loan Recovery & Follow up

    After receiving the loan, the loan must be paid by the 7th of every month. If the payment is not made by the 10th, the unit manager contacts the client to remind them. If for any reason the payment is still not made, the guarantors are contacted and asked to make the payment.

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