Mon. May 20th, 2024
    1 Tola Gold Rate

    1 tola gold rate on  is Rs. 214,000.000

    10 Gram Gold Rate

    10 gram gold rate on  is Rs. 183,470.000

    1 Gram Gold Rate

    1 gram gold rate on  is Rs. 18,347.000

    Gold Rate In Pakistan per Tola today is Rs 214,000.000 on 12 Nov, 2023.

    1 gram of 24k Gold was being sold at Rs 18,347.000 and 10 grams of 24K Gold were being traded for Rs 183,470.000.

    We give you with up-to-date and reliable information on the price of gold based on the international market as a whole. Live prices are available on this page for 1 gram, 10 grams, 1 tola, and 1 ounce of 22K and 24K gold. In addition, you may discover performance charts for the previous week, month, three months, six months, and year.

    Gold rate in Pakistan – Sunday 12 Nov, 2023

    Gold Rate24K Gold22K Gold21K Gold18K Gold
    Per Tola Gold214,000.000196,166.667187,250.000160,500.000
    Per 10 Gram Gold183,470.000168,180.833160,536.250137,602.500
    Per 1 Gram Gold18,347.00016,818.08316,053.62513,760.250
    Per Ounce520,020.000476,685.000455,017.500390,015.000

    On Sunday, November 12, 2023, the price of one tola of gold in Pakistan is now Rs 214,000,000.

    At that time, the price of 1 gram of 24k gold was Rs 18,347,000, while the price of 10 kilos of 24k gold was Rs 183,470.000.

    At that time, the going rate for a single ounce of 24 Karat gold was Rs 520,020.000.

    What Causes Price Fluctuations in Gold Prices?

    Gold is well-known around the globe for both the potential return on investment it offers and the role it plays in the production of jewelry. Because the gold market is worldwide, its prices are susceptible to being influenced by a wide variety of variables. The following are some of the most important factors that might influence live gold prices:

    • Interest rates
    • Monetary policy
    • Geopolitics
    • Risk aversion/appetite
    • Currency markets
    • Inflation or Deflation
    • Investment demand
    • Jewelry demand
    • Equity markets

    Because the price of gold is most commonly expressed in terms of the United States Dollar, fluctuations in the value of the Dollar can have a considerable impact on the current price of gold. When the dollar gains strength, it has the potential to make gold significantly more costly for investors based in other countries, which in turn can drive the price of gold down. On the other side, if the dollar is declining in value, this may result in gold becoming comparably less costly for investors from other countries, which would ultimately lead to an increase in the price of gold. The movement of the U.S. Dollar Index is a key factor that contributes to the day-to-day fluctuations in the price of live gold.

    A rise or decline in the demand for gold jewelry may also have an effect on the price of gold. A significant market for gold jewelry may be found in India, for instance. Gold prices can go up if there is a significant increase in demand for jewelry of this kind. On the other hand, if consumer demand for jewelry is poor, this might potentially result in lower prices for gold.

    Interest rates are an additional important factor that drives the price of gold. There is an opportunity cost associated with holding gold given that it does not pay dividends or interest, which means that if interest rates rise, the cost of holding gold might increase relative to other investments. However, there is a possibility that a decline in interest rates will have a favorable impact for gold. This is as a result of the fact that lower interest rates reduce the potential opportunity cost of storing gold, which in turn may make it more appealing to investors.

    Aside from that, the price of gold is not stable; rather, it varies from time to time due to the fact that its price is dependent on a number of different elements. Gold prices in Pakistan are notoriously expensive since the Pakistani rupee is consistently seen as a weak currency relative to those of other countries and nations throughout the world. In a similar vein, if we take a look at the history of gold prices in Pakistan, we can see that Pakistan has never had a constant rate, and the fact that this is so obscures the reality that Pakistan has been going through a severe economic crisis and severe inflation.